List of Streets

To search on all streets in a selected local highway authority, go to the List of Streets page, select the highway authority you are interested in, set ‘Records/Page’ value to ‘All’. You can then use your internet browser find function (Select Ctrl and F) to find the specific street.


Search tool

Go to the Map page and expand the search panel by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the local highway authority that the street exists within to limit results to a specific area. Then type in any street and click the search icon. Be careful to ensure that the street name is spelt properly otherwise it may affect results.

If no results appear then the search has not found any matches.

You can also search for the unique street reference number by entering it into the 'URSN' search box and clicking the search icon.

Pan and zoom

Once you have zoomed in to the correct scale on the map you will be able to view the full street network by panning the map. This method of searching could be useful particularly when streets have not been named.

If you can’t find a street, it's possible the local highway authority doesn’t know about it yet. Or the street might not be listed in the local authority’s street gazetteer.

You can find information on how to contact the appropriate local highway authority on our Report a Missing Street page.

Each street falls into one of four categories:

Maintainable at public expense
The street has been identified as maintainable at public expense. Detailed highway extents are held by the local highway authority.
Not maintainable at public expense
The information used to populate the National Street Gazetteer does not identify that any part of the street is maintained at public expense.
Mixed maintenance responsibility
More than one maintenance responsibility has been recorded against the street. Clarification must be sought with the local highway authority for relevant extents.
Street for Addressing Purpose Only
Sometimes a street isn’t actually a physical thing, but is purely used for locating a property. This could include a Terrace. It is held in the National Street Gazetteer but is referenced as only for addressing.

Data is updated monthly, shortly after the Monthly NSG publication.

No, the information provided on Findmystreet is not suitable for this use. Detailed highway extents will provide the definitive information on extents of the highway.

USRNs are allocated against a street as soon as ‘construction' begins or ‘street naming and numbering' has been carried out – whichever comes first. Please see the GeoPlace website for more information about USRNs.

No. FindMyStreet only identifies who is responsible for maintenance of the street. It doesn’t show access rights or ownership of a street. For detailed information on who can use a street you should speak to the local highway authority.

Yes. As a PRoW is a highway, it will be included within FindMyStreet. PRoWs recorded in FindMyStreet are not classified differently from any other street, and no inferences can be made as to completeness or use. For detailed information and access to the definitive map for PRoW you should speak to the local highway authority.

Supply of the National Street Gazetteer is restricted by licence for street and road works related purposes. However Local highway authority street information is available commercially through the OSMM Highways suite of products here.