Street Status Guidance shows where a street is, what its official name is in the National Street Gazetteer (NSG), and who is responsible for maintaining that street.

Each street falls into one of four categories:

Category Meaning
Maintainable at public expense The street has been identified as maintainable at public expense. Detailed highway extents are held by the local highway authority.
Not maintainable at public expense

The information used to populate the National Street Gazetteer does not identify that any part of the street is maintained at public expense.

Mixed maintenance responsibility More than one maintenance responsibility has been recorded against the street. Clarification must be sought with the local highway authority for relevant extents.
Street for Addressing Purpose Only Sometimes a street isn’t actually a physical thing, but is purely used for locating a property. This could include a Terrace. It is held in the National Street Gazetteer but is referenced as only for addressing.

Please note: only shows who’s responsible for maintenance of the street. It doesn’t show access rights or ownership of a street.